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Things to do

Step Action Why
Step 1. Do the Survival Course - Current Events. Stops you getting picked off over everyday small things that have major consequences.
Step 2. Do the Survival Course - Fundamentals This is the big one that saves you money and makes you money. Using the skills from this course you learn to take on builders that everyone else is afraid of. This will also make sure you can grow your business and make more money.
Step 3. Engage in some One on One training This is usually advanced training unique to the client after they have done the intermediate survival course. However, if you are in trouble and need to talk to a real qualified person do not be afraid to contact us.
Step 4. Use the Progress Claims Progress claims are the key to so much. The problem is that while all the various accounting systems are very good at accounting, they are not producing documents that meet the requirements of being a building industry progress claim. We provide templates to those that attend our courses.
Step 5. Use the Contract Management System Once you know what you have to do you will need a tool that spits out forms as fast as possible with as little effort as possible. This is that application which saves time, effort and money.
Step 6. Sign up for the Business Conduct Reporting System Another big money saver. Find out the real profile of a contractor rather than the marinating in fear over the smallest growl that richocets around social media. Time to make money out of everyone elses fear.
Step 7. Charge 67P Interest on late payments You get charged interest on overdue payments. Why shouldn't you charge interest. This is also a statutory right where the interest is much higher than that specified in a dodgy contract. It is also an effective way of revving up the accounts department without having to go to war. This tool is free.
Step 8. Read the articles There is much wisdom in the articles. Read them at your leisure and you may even be entertained.
Step 9. Use the Retentions Calculator if needed As the full effects of BIF flow through the industry retentions are going to become very litigious. If you have done all that we suggest and use the tools we suggest you should not have any need for this tool. However, if you are being given a bit of a hard time over retentions and need some reinforcement this is where you will find it. This tool is free.

Things to avoid

Step Action Why
Avoidance 1. Lawyers that are no good for you. In attempting to bill you as much as possible they can take you through unnecessary and expensive processes that look and sound good at first but are not in your interests. There are some basic things to consider about lawyers.
Avoidance 2. Subcontractors' Charges. They are not all they are cracked up to be and usually cost more money than you recover.
Avoidance 3. Having to pay money back on a preferential payment claim. An emerging phenomenon is that liquidators are forcing subbies to pay back money that they were paid in the six months prior to the date a builder went into liquidation. The subbies have usually fallen into the trap by doing many things that seem like a very good idea at the time or are marketed by various organisations as being the course of action to follow. Learn how to avoid that fate on the introductory survival course.
Avoidance 4. Losing money by being messed around on site. If you think that BIF as it is and BIF to come is going to save you from the majority of the day to day losses of money that currently affect you then you must still believe in the tooth fairy. It is the to do things listed above that will help you.
Avoidance 5. Falling prey to the dark side of BIF There is also a very dark side to BIF where it can actually make it harder for you to get paid. The introductory survival course will help you with that issue.